Re: Documentation for next cycle

--- karderio <karderio gmail com> wrote:

> Hi :o)
> Welcome to the GDP !
> Please don't worry about imposing on us, people
> generally seem very
> happy to help around here, at least that is my
> general impression in the
> sort time I have been around. If you have any
> specific questions about
> anything, don't hesitate to ask me either by mail or
> Jabber IM at my
> email address. It's very nice to see people showing
> interest, as we are
> rather short of contributors at the moment.
> In addition to Joachim's tasks (see, we're fighting
> over you already ;)
> I thought something simple to do could be update and
> make coherent the
> gnome-games documentation (supposing we maintain
> this, anybody ?). I'll
> give you some details in case this could interest
> you.

That sounds like a much easier task to get started
with than my suggestions.

I've made a couple of initial edits to the wiki page
to get you started :)

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