Re: String changes into gnome-utils

Hi Stefan,

On Sat, 2006-01-28 at 11:42 +0100, Stefan Kost wrote:
> Hi Emmanuele and others,
> wouldn't it make sens to have such strings bundled with GConf?
> Then apps can use
> str=dgettext(gconf_domain,"Unable to connect to GConf");
> This should lessen translators work and we have similar error messages.

GConf already has similar messages, but the situation here is a bit
trickier, and due to how GConf works.

These new strings are "titles" (primary messages) of message dialogs:
the error itself (the secondary message) is taken from GConf - and thus
it is already translated.  GConf cannot pass these "titles", both
because it's error handling was written before the creation of the new
MessageDialog API and layout, and because sometimes there's no actual
need for these message dialogs altogether; also, GConf is not (strictly)
aware of the GTK libraries, and it should not depend on them.

I did not use those message dialogs before, and silently discarded the
event of an error while connecting to GConf.  Even if the case of a user
able to run Dictionary without GConf is remote, I figured that
discarding the error was suboptimal.


To make a long story short: the error are translated - by GConf; the
dialogs' primary message are an addition of the application developer,
and thus should be translated inside the application.  Some level of
"standardisation" is possible, but you can't make GConf pass both the
primary and secondary messages, because GConf is unaware of the
distinction (made by the GTK): all it passes is the text of an error


> Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> > Hi all.
> > 
> > I've just updated some strings into gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary.  These
> > changes are error messages for the case when GConf is not available; in
> > case this should happen, the user would have been notified before
> > launching the dictionary, so these messages should rarely be seen and
> > should be considered of low priority.
> > 
> > The affected files are:
> > 
> >   gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary/src/gdict-applet.c
> >   gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary/src/gdict-window.c
> > 
> > And the strings are:
> > 
> >   "Unable to connect to GConf"
> >   "Unable to get notification for preferences"
> >   "Unable to get notification for the document font"
> > 
> > Ciao,
> >  Emmanuele.
> > 
Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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