String changes announce in Ekiga

Hello to all,

* Bug fix
* Bug fix
* the rework on some parts of the UI
leaded to some string changes in Ekiga.

and as spotted by Josep some are the changes he noticed :

> Here I give the changes I've found (I don't know if I've missed some):
>"Connect" -> "Call"
>"Create a new connection" -> "Place a new call"
>"Disconnect" -> "Hang up"
>"Close the current conection" -> "Terminate the current call"
>"Enter an URL to call on the left, and click on this button to connect
>to the given URL" --> "Enter a URL on the left, and click this button
>place a call"
>A typo fixed:
>"Please check the FAQ (, the throubleshooting
>section " ---> "... troubleshooting ..."
>A new string:
>"The audio manager is the plugin that will manage your audio devices, 
>WindowsMultimedia is probably the best choice when available."

Thanks in advance for your work.


Fabrice Alphonso <fabrice alphonso dyndns org>

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