Re: String changes into gnome-utils

Hi Emmanuele and others,

wouldn't it make sens to have such strings bundled with GConf?
Then apps can use
str=dgettext(gconf_domain,"Unable to connect to GConf");

This should lessen translators work and we have similar error messages.
I quickly checked - gconf-editor already has a po file.


Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
Hi all.

I've just updated some strings into gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary.  These
changes are error messages for the case when GConf is not available; in
case this should happen, the user would have been notified before
launching the dictionary, so these messages should rarely be seen and
should be considered of low priority.

The affected files are:


And the strings are:

  "Unable to connect to GConf"
  "Unable to get notification for preferences"
  "Unable to get notification for the document font"


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