Re: Starting work on gedit - Some pointer req.


Just to add my voice to this thread...

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 09:22 +0530, Manish Chakravarty wrote:
> Also, once i have completed it, how do i submit it? Since i dont have
> CVS access, what is then normal procedure for submitting it?

I think the best way of submitting documentation changes would be to
file a bug in bugzilla under the product in question with a patch

You might also want to send an email to the gnome-doc list in order to
get someone from the doc team to review it for you.

> I personally don't think that we need a howto on docbook ( 1 simple
> google gives more hits than you'l ever need, add to that the fact that
> we get plenty of examples from looking at xml's from our cvs tree and
> we
> REALLY have enough to get started on ).
> What we should have though are examples of how one might get started
> documenting, and creating patches.
> i.e. have a howto running through a regular patching of an xml file,
> leaving the details of docbook syntax out.
> I think a real life example of, for example, adding a revision header
> will be really useful.  Things like that.

I was thinking about this today (hey, I get bored working all day).  I
was planning on writing a page on for something like
this, a kind of "How to start working on documentation" that basically
outlined how to get the latest version of an app (ok, a link to the
jhbuild page ;) ), how to edit its docs and view your changes in yelp
and how to create / submit patches etc.

A docbook tutorial might be a bit too much, but a few links to docbook
references / tutorials might be useful to include too.

Anyway, just my thoughts.  I'll try and get a page up at some point soon
for all to marvel at.


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