Re: Starting work on gedit - Some pointer req.

Hi all,
seems that someone was before me to start working on the documentation of gedit. I'll just pick another app to document, haven't decided which one.

Or I could join forces with Manish, if he thinks it's usefull to do so.

Because I just started reading the gdp-handbook, a short page with DocBook essentials would come in quite handy.

Peter De Zutter

On 1/13/06, Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:

--- Manish Chakravarty <manishchakravarty yahoo co in>
> I am going to start work on the gedit docs from
> today. If somebody else
> is already working on it, then please tell me so
> that i can work on
> something else.

Add yourself to the team page so we can keep track of
who is working on what:

> Do i HAVE to submit its manual as DocBook, or can i
> submit it as text (i
> am comfortable with HTML).

Have a go with DocBook. If you're ok with HTML, then
DocBook should be fairly easy to pick up.
I've been wondering whether to create a page on the
wiki on DocBook essentials -- just enough to get by to
write docs. Does anyone think that would be useful?

> Also, once i have completed it, how do i submit it?
> Since i dont have
> CVS access, what is then normal procedure for
> submitting it?


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