Re: Starting work on gedit - Some pointer req.

--- Manish Chakravarty <manishchakravarty yahoo co in>
> I am going to start work on the gedit docs from
> today. If somebody else
> is already working on it, then please tell me so
> that i can work on
> something else.

Add yourself to the team page so we can keep track of
who is working on what:

> Do i HAVE to submit its manual as DocBook, or can i
> submit it as text (i
> am comfortable with HTML).

Have a go with DocBook. If you're ok with HTML, then
DocBook should be fairly easy to pick up.
I've been wondering whether to create a page on the
wiki on DocBook essentials -- just enough to get by to
write docs. Does anyone think that would be useful?

> Also, once i have completed it, how do i submit it?
> Since i dont have
> CVS access, what is then normal procedure for
> submitting it?


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