Re: New recruit, help needed in choosing project

Ah ok that makes sense, thank you for clearing that up. I've actually
never worked with XML so I wasn't even thinking in the correct terms.

again, thanks.

~Alessandro Ferrucci

> What you say is indeed rather meaningless. Virtually every XML
> document conforms to some DTD, which lists allowed tags, nesting of
> them, etc. DocBook documents are XML files conforming to a DocBook
> DTD; this DTD was produced by OASIS. There is also a DTD for SGML, but
> it is rarely used nowadays. See
> for details.
> On 1/11/06, Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:
>> --- alessandro ferrucci <a24 umbc edu> wrote:
>> > My understanding was that DocBook was not simply a
>> > set of tools but also
>> > its own DTD specification with its own elements,
>> > separate from XML.
>> I'm starting to get out of my depth here, so what I
>> say next could be total rubbish. :)
>> What I have gathered from looking up DocBook specs and
>> tutorials is that is *used* to be that, but has since
>> been rewritten in terms of XML.
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