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On 22 Feb 2006, at 14:29, Joachim Noreiko wrote:

I don't see how to focus something on the panel with
the mouse. The best example of a panel with this
problem is the default bottom one, once the window
list is full.

It's not always as obvious as you'd like, no. You can focus the window list by clicking its gripper bar. Applets with text fields are focused by clicking in the text field. Launchers are a bit trickier, but if nothing else you can usually focus those starting to drag them, then cancelling the drag by hitting Esc. (Or you can just click them, but then they only stay focused until the app they're launching opens and grabs focus back.)

With Ctrl-Alt-Tab, I can get a panel focussed, but
hitting CTRL-F10 pops the menu up under my mouse

Yep, that's a known bug, IIRC.

(And Ctrl-Alt-Tab works on 2.12, but not the
2.13.90 VM I'm using for doc writing -- could you
confirm it still exists?)

Definitely should... if it doesn't it's a bug (and probably a high priority one, as it breaks the only keyboard accessible way to get to the panel).

BTW, Ctrl-Alt-Tab is an undocumented shortcut as far
as I can tell -- does it have some sort of a name so I
can mention it?

It's documented in the Bible of GNOME keyboard shortcuts, aka the Accessibility Guide:

Very first item :)


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