Gnome and Ubuntu UGs (Was: string freeze?)

--- Matthew East <mdke ubuntu com> wrote:
> Is there a documentation string freeze this time
> around? We are hoping
> to rearrange some of the Gnome user guide for
> insertion into our help
> system (which will essentially involve taking bits
> of the guide and
> making them into single documents); but I'd like to
> know that the guide
> is stable before doing that!

Nothing official, but we can arrange something :)
I'm pretty busy with other manuals and the Gnome web
team, so I can just fix a few open bugs on the Gnome
UG and then declare it frozen.

Have you managed to resolve the problem with the
different licenses? IIRC, that was what stopped this
effort last cycle.
How will it work?

This actually just came up in discussion the other
I've been wondering if instead of you chopping up the
Gnome UG and inserting it into the Ubuntu UG, we could
expand and rearrange the Gnome UG to have ready-made
spaces for Ubuntu material to slot into. 
This is the Grand Plan for Mallard, but the way the UG
uses XML Xincludes means we can do it now, providing
the licensing is ok.

In effect, we'd be doing more of the work upstream,
and encouraging (*cough*) other distros to provide the
same level of help as Ubuntu does.
What do you think?

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