Re: Translations not used in Evolution (was Re: Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server branched)

On 9/19/05, Harish Krishnaswamy <kharish novell com> wrote:

> > Translators know that if they commit their translations on Monday, it
> > might already be too late for their translations to go in the release.
> > But if you need to make the tarball for the release before Monday,
> > then send an e-mail to gnome-i18n so translators know that the
> > tarball will be made before Monday.
> >
> This sounds fine. It is almost always the Friday before the due-date,
> but I can post a heads-up to gnome-i18n in future.

Actually, this is a good data point because Danilo brought this up on
d-d-l in terms of the 2.14 schedule mentioning that we haven't had a
don't-release-sooner-than-X guideline before, but such a guideline
would help them.  What would work for Evolution here?  Would
specifying that tarballs for a release should include translations up
to Friday 23:59 UTC before the release allow you enough time?  I think
if we document this kind of stuff, then it'll go a long ways towards
preventing misunderstandings such as this thread.

Thanks everyone!

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