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  • libgnome has been branched, Tor Lillqvist
  • GNOME-Applets Branched, Davyd Madeley
  • gnome-control-center branched for gnome-2-10, Sebastien Bacher
  • gnome-keyring-manager has been branched, James Bowes
  • libbonoboui has been branched, Tor Lillqvist
  • bug-buddy branched, Fernando Herrera
  • gnome-panel and gnome-menus branched, Mark McLoughlin
  • eel/nautilus branched for 2.10, Alexander Larsson
  • totem brached for 2.10, Ronald S. Bultje
  • gnome-media branched, Ronald S. Bultje
  • nautilus-cd-burner branched for 2.10, William Jon McCann
  • gtkhtml merged, Radek Doulík
  • gdm branched for 2.10, Brian Cameron
  • GConf branched, Mark McLoughlin
  • gnome-netstatus branched, Mark McLoughlin
  • Links to manuals, Federico Mena Quintero
  • gnome-vfs branched, Christian Kellner
  • gdm/gedit documentation, Vikas Singhal
  • Creating new top level catagories in Yelp and complementing them with scrollkeeper ones., Sivan Green
  • Patch to remove distro-specific references in Evolution docs, Dave Malcolm
  • gnome-system-monitor has been branched, Benoît Dejean
  • Updates for 2.10 release, Irene Ryan
  • String freeze continues..., Christian Rose
  • gnome-volume-manager branched, Robert Love
  • gnome-system-tools and system-tools-backends have been branched, Carlos Garnacho
  • Epiphany and Epiphany Extensions branched, Christian Persch
  • gcalctool branched., Rich Burridge
  • gnome-utils branched, Vincent Noel
  • GnomeMeeting branched, Damien Sandras
  • zenity branched for 2.10, Glynn Foster
  • gnome-themes branched for 2.10, Calum Benson
  • gnome-games branched, Callum McKenzie
  • release notes - translating "next" and "previous", Murray Cumming
  • Re: [evolution-patches] Re: Exchange connector: patch for #73237, Sushma Rai
  • evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange, gal branched, JP Rosevear

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