Re: Sun-updated docs submitted to /contrib

On Fri, 2005-25-02 at 10:44 +1300, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey,
> > As you know, the Sun docteam has been updating and creating 
> > documentation for the Sun release of the Java Desktop System. I have put 
> > the following tarballs in the gnome-docu/gdp/contrib/JDSR3 directory in 
> > CVS now if you want to use any of them for the upcoming GNOME release:
> It should be noted that JDS 3 will be based on GNOME 2.6.
> Glynn

I may be totally out of line here, and if so don't hesitate to put me in
my place, but wouldn't it be easier for both Sun and GNOME to work on
patching documentation upstream, then branching from there for JDS
specific releases instead of doing it the opposite way?

Anyways, I am still happy to have any help, so don't take it as a


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