Re: mouse actions

--- Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
> Both "grab" and "click and hold" are mentioned in
> the
> Style Guide, and neither is given preference.  I
> agree
> that we should pick one term and use it. 
> Personally,
> I generally prefer more terse terms when there's no
> ambiguity.

'Grab' is simpler than 'click and hold' but less
But I'm not sure either is actually necessary.
>From the style guide:

'To resize the window, grab the border and drag the
border to the new size.'

But 'drag' already means 'click, hold down, move, let
go'. The 'grab' bit is entirely superfluous.
As for 'click and hold', I know some interfaces have
'long clicks' that pop up a menu or do something if
you keep the button held down. Does GNOME have this?
If not, I suggest removing both 'grab' and 'click and
hold', or moving them to a paragraph about synonyms.

> The Style Guide also recommends against the
> idiomatic
> phrase "drag and drop".  Unfortunately, it doesn't
> really elaborate on usage (we should address this).
> I strongly recommend against using "drag and drop"
> as a single verb, such as "Drag and drop the icon
> to the trash."
> Every drag operation inevitably leads to a release,
> or a "drop".

Exactly. The definition of 'Drag' has me thinking a
new user will be left wondering when they can let go
of their mouse button, if ever ;)
I'm merging 'Drag' and 'drag and drop' into 'drag',
with 'drag and drop' mentioned as a synonym.

Is the Style Guide available in CVS?
I've spotted one or two mistakes in it. It also has
bit about 'Eliminate Superfluous Information...
Over-exposed legal information, Over-exposed author
information', which the guide itself doesn't follow ;)


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