Mouse Pointers

Still in the User Guide's gosbasic.xml:

"Move panel object pointer: This pointer appears when
you drag a panel object with the middle mouse button."

I see a hand on my system when I move panels and panel
items, not the move_panel_object_pointer.png. And
dragging with the middle mouse button doesn't work,
though that could be my preferences. I'm not a middle
mouse button fan ;)

We seem to be missing a link hand pointer image. (This
isn't quite the same as the drag panel hand, as this
one has an extended index finger).

We also need the pointer for moving a window by
dragging the title bar. On my system that's a sort of

Could someone add these to CVS? I'll take care of the


PS. I doubt this would be possible to do now, since
it'll upset the CVS, but it would be nice if the
pointer images were named in reverse formation, eg
'pointer_hand.png' so they show together in the file
listing :)

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