Re: Fwd: Gnome User Guide

--- Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:
> I want to help.
> Please tell me any howto, software o wiki where I
> can find the way to work
> with help or documentation files.

Hi Daniel.

Bear in mind I'm very new here, so I don't know
everything :)

If you are ok with using CVS and working with XML
documents, you can check-out the user guide, in the
gnome-user-docs module, under the
gnome2-user-guide directory.
The GDP handbook,,
explains how to get started with CVS.
There's more info here too:

Otherwise, you can look at the wiki:
If you add content there I can convert it to XML and
add it to what I'm working on.

I am currently working on gosbasic.xml, the 'Basic
Skills' section. After that I want to look at the
The 'Desktop Overview' section (gosoverview.xml) is
tagged as needing work, so you may want to work on

My focus so far is on cleaning up the existing text
for clarity and accuracy. I'm leaving the structure as
it is for now, though on the wiki I have simplified
the section headings, eg 'Working With Panels' ->

I'm finding there's a lot of convoluted language, and
occasional assumptions about what the user knows. My
attitude is that the user guide, especially something
called 'basic skills', should be understandable by my
grandmother :)

Another thing that will need to be looked at is
screenshots. I think I saw somewhere that the GNOME
default theme is Clearlooks or Human now. The User
guide should reflect that, but this is less important
that good clear text.


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