Modem Lights & Wireless Link Monitor, both 2.4.2

Hi all,

apologies for mailing this to this list, I hope it'll get forwarded to
the right place, but I can't use web interfaces right now.

I don't know who is currently maintaining the GNOME modem lights
applet, but I have a problem when starting it for the first time, as
bringing up the interface will work, but the status won't be displayed

After removing/adding the applet after the first dialin things work
fine later on, but I have to remove/restart the applet after the first
dialin to get correct status information; possibly because the ppp0
interface didn't exist before? 

That is particularly annoying as it loses all settings through the
remove/add cycle, which means I have to edit preferences again.

A similar problem seems to exist for the Wireless Link Monitor, which
only appears to detect devices that were present when the applet was
added, but doesn't find devices that are added while it is running.

Given that PCMCIA cards are rarely permanently connected, this seems
somewhat suboptimal... :)


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