Re: docs for Gpdf

Hye all

gpdf-outlines branch is a dev branch targetting 2.6. As HEAD had no docs, I do create some in the dev branch (essentially as a reminder for writing some for 2.6) but, with Martin agreement, I can merge them in HEAD and give them to doc team. These are only skel. The whole content is
still to create.

Alexander Kirillov wrote:

Dear HOH,
thanks for offering your help!

According to DocTable
the docs maintainer for gpdf is Remi Cohen-Scali <rcoscali rcsnet net>.
And, in fact, there are docs in CVS - but not in HEAD branch; unless I
am mistaken, they are in branch gpdf-outlines. If you use web interface,
you can see them in gpdf/help/C/Attic/. I have no idea why these docs
are not included in 2.4 build.

So if you are interested in contributing to the docs, try to contact
Remi; if  you can't get an answer from Remi, try contacting gpdf
maintainer (Martin Kretzschmar <m_kretzschmar gmx net>).

Sasha Kirillov

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 21:05, Chee Bin HOH wrote:
Hey guys,

If you receive another similar email (which is now awaiting moderator
approval), that is also from me, I apologize for it.

I am now writing a documentation for Gpdf (I use it quite often), would
like to know if anyone else is doing it? I sent an email to the package
maintainer before regarding about the docs, but does not get a reply.

Anyone know who is the documentation maintainer (if there is one) for
Gpdf? As far as I know there is no docs for Gpdf in GNOME-2.4 release,
but inside CVS, there is an empty help directory.


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