Re: Yelp document chunking

On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 21:17, John Fleck wrote: 
> > What I would prefer is that we just make a choice of which types of
> > nodes get chunked (chapter, sect1, sect2, etc.) and do things that way. 
> > If a sect 1 contains sect2's, then the sect1 document will have whatever
> > introductory text it contains, and then links for its subsection.  This
> > is the approach taken for the GNOME User's Guide (multiple-page version)
> > on
> > 
> > Simplifying the chunking mechanism and navigational model will allow us
> > to make a lot of internal linking stuff work more cleanly, and will make
> > it easier to rethink part of the interface (as per, for example, much of
> > the discussion on bug #91610).
> > 
> Is it reasonable to have the chunked atom be one level below the root
> element of the doc? So an article would be chunked at the sect1 level,
> while a book would be chunked at the chapter level? Is that the sort of
> thing you're thinking?

Actually, I was just having a fixed set of elements that get chunked. 
So a chapter, part, book, sect1, sect2, appendix, or section at most 2
levels deep would always be chunked.  Anything else wouldn't.  This
means that if you could still potentially chunk deeply, as in a set
containing a book containing a part containing a chapter containing a
sect1 containing a sect2.

However, what you proposed is fine too, and no more difficult to
implement, really.  I'm mostly concerned with removing the inconsitancy
of something being both chunked and not.  As to the matter of what to
chunk when, I'm pretty open.


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