Re: pregeneration

>Hi guys:
>IIRC, it is possible to pregenerate html from docbook at package
>installation time, thus making loading docs in Yelp much faster. Is it
>documented somewhere? If so, where? It'd be a reasonable thing to

yes and no - it was documented in the threads we had about a year back,
and yelp-pregenerate gives all the option in output if called with --help 
or -h. 

>include in "improving performance" section of admin guide...

definately. i'm also looking at doing a prototype of 'turn this on at 
build time' knob so that it could be always easily used by packagers 
and people who build themselves.



	Humans love to categorize and organize things. We break up time into
	hours, days and years. Everything has to have a name, a history, an
	understanding of it's origins and must be indexed somewhere on Google.

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