Searching for GNOME User Guide

I searched google for the following terms: GNOME user guide

I got the following results:

Hits 1,2,3 point to a version of the UG that is quite old (1999).
Hit 4 points to, which is good, but not ideal.
Hits 5 and 6 point to the UG for GNOME 1.4.
Hit 7 points to
Hits 8 and 9 point to user guides for the General NOAA Oil Modeling
Environment (GNOME)!
Hit 10 points to a user guide for GNOME for RH Linux 6.1.

Of Hits 11-30, none of them points to a manual later than 1.4. 

If I specify the version of GNOME, then the correct user guide is found.
However, I can't imagine too many users will expect this.

So can we do anything to ensure that more recent versions of the user
guide are found by a search like this?


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