Re: Searching for GNOME User Guide

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 06:34:10PM +0000 or thereabouts, Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> I searched google for the following terms: GNOME user guide
> I got the following results:
> Hits 1,2,3 point to a version of the UG that is quite old (1999).

First two are on which I think is the
astonishingly old version of the website from before the change
to our current look. That's "ours" so we can put in redirects
easily, I imagine. For some definition of "we" involving the
web team? 

I suspect the answer will be "when the new site goes live",

> Hit 4 points to, which is good, but not ideal.
> Hits 5 and 6 point to the UG for GNOME 1.4.
> Hit 7 points to
> Hits 8 and 9 point to user guides for the General NOAA Oil Modeling
> Environment (GNOME)!
> Hit 10 points to a user guide for GNOME for RH Linux 6.1.
> Of Hits 11-30, none of them points to a manual later than 1.4. 
> If I specify the version of GNOME, then the correct user guide is found.
> However, I can't imagine too many users will expect this.
> So can we do anything to ensure that more recent versions of the user
> guide are found by a search like this?

If those pages are heavily linked-to, then can we just whap a few
redirects, meta tags or plain old links:

This version outdated: go to
<a href="blah" title="Gnome 2.2 user guide">Gnome 2.2 user guide</a>


Chatting on IRC, apparently there are a great many apache redirects
_to_ :65348 still, so perhaps we can find out whether those are doing
some of this and lose them? Or add some more redirects in to get to
the right page. So: where -should- people be ending up?


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