Settings for screenshots (Was: reference gnome 2.2 docs (follow up))

The version of the GDSG that Adrian quotes from is slightly out of date.
The version at is
V1.0. The current version of the GDSG in CVS is actually V1.2. This has
happened because autogeneration is broken (bug 116049).

GDSG V1.2 says "As far as possible, use the default settings for the
desktop when you take a screenshot. Include the window frame when you
take a screenshot of a window." It does not recommend particular themes.

I agree with Shaun and Andreas that the default settings should be the
"GNOME default" settings, that is, the settings that apply in the
tarballs from So, we need to list those "GNOME default" or
"plain GNOME" settings. Below, I list the settings that happen to be my
desktop. This is a starting point. Can someone look at a "plain GNOME"
and tell me what the correct settings for "plain GNOME" are please?

Window manager: Metacity
Theme: Traditional (That is, Controls: Default, Window Border: Atlanta,
Icons: Gnome)
   Application font: sans 10
   Desktop font: sans 12
   Window title font: sans 10
   Terminal font: sans 12
   Font Rendering: Best shapes
Menus and Toolbars: 
   Button labels: Text Below Icons
   Toolbars can be detached and moved around: Not relevant to
   Show icons in menus: Selected
   Picture: warped.png
   Picture Options: Wallpaper
Contents of the desktop environment:
   Panels: Menu Panel, bottom edge panel
   Desktop: user's Home icon, Start Here icon, Trash icon
Contents of the panels (left-to-right):
   Menu Panel: GNOME icon, Applications menu, Actions menu, window list
   Bottom edge panel: Main Menu, separator, Nautilus icon, Terminal
icon, Help icon, Window List applet, Workspace Switcher applet
Locale: C

When there are changes to the "plain GNOME" settings, people can mail
them to me and I will update the list of screenshot settings.

Focus: I agree that windows in screenshots should have focus as far as
Width: The Image Width section of the GDSG specifies a maximum image
width of 510 pixels
Inclusion of relevant information only: If you are taking a screenshot
of a component of the desktop, take a screenshot of that component only,
and not of the entire desktop.
Window frame buttons: If we agree a window manager and theme for
screenshots, this is not an issue.
Screen resolution: I'm not sure if it is practical to specify a
resolution for people to use.


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