Re: Outdated information in the documenation docs

I have committed default-screenshot-settings.xml to

Eric, can you integrate this file into the GDP Handbook? I think it
makes most sense to replace the current Screenshot Appearance section
with a link to default-screenshot-settings.xml. 

I have used the same sect ID for these to preserve any links that exist.
Let me know if you want to do something different and I can change the
sect ID.


Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> There was some discussion on this on this list in July and August. I was
> meant to document the default settings for screenshots for inclusion in
> the GDP Handbook, see
> I'll do that by the end of the week.
> Eugene
> Christian Schaller wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I am working on updating the online help docs for the GNOME mixer
> > application. Wanting to update the screenshot used I checked our docs
> > for how screenshots should be done.
> >
> > Currently the handbook state that screenshots should be made using
> > Sawfish with Crux and the Raleigh gtk theme. This is obviously outdated.
> > The style guide on the other hand said nothing at all about themeing of
> > screenshots.
> >
> > Are there a de-facto policy still in use?
> >
> > Christian
> >
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