Re: Followup to Re: PATCH: gnome-docu/gdp/gdp-example2/omf.make

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 06:10:54PM +0000, MArk Finlay wrote:
> > The problem Mark mentioned in this thread is probably caused by two
> > other problems: firstly, Gentoo Linux may have a bug in the way it
> Don't forget that it is now perfectly acceptable to close a bug with
> GENTOO being the reason - if a gentoo bug can not be reproduced on
> another distrobution then the answer is just to "tell those damn gentoo
> crack-addicts to go back where they came from" ;)

You serious? That sounds terribly discriminating. I am willing
to make it a distribution's problem if they are inconsistent (which
seems to be the case here).
> > from talking to Mark on IRC, it appears that
> > scrollkeeper-config --pkglocalstatedir returns the wrong thing, for
> > example)
> I don't know much about scrollkeeper but there are scrollkeeper files at
> the location given - is it possible that the problem is a non-standard
> scrollkeeper location rather than a broken scrollkeeper

Not just a non-standard location, but, from what you told me the other
day on IRC, the output of scrollkeeper-config --pkglocalstatedir, etc,
is wrong. A non-standard location would be fine if the supporting
apparatus was configured consistently.

I need to talk to some more Gentoo users on IRC, I think and get this
sorted out. For now, the gnome-doc-common module I have started has the
facility to work, in some sense, for everybody.


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