Followup to Re: PATCH: gnome-docu/gdp/gdp-example2/omf.make


On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 06:18:55PM -0400, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
> This is probably the same bug I filed several days ago (but I didn't
> provide a patch):
> Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the same thing? 

I just had a read of this bug report and it is not the same thing. The
problem you mention in the bug report is, in fact, for exactly the
reason you suspect: scrollkeeper had some silly hard-coded paths, even
though it pretended they were configurable.

I committed a fix to scrollkeeper's CVS repository for this particular
problem a little while ago, but there has not been a release that
contains the fix yet.

In case you are interested:
The problem Mark mentioned in this thread is probably caused by two
other problems: firstly, Gentoo Linux may have a bug in the way it
configures scrollkeeper (from talking to Mark on IRC, it appears that
scrollkeeper-config --pkglocalstatedir returns the wrong thing, for
example). Secondly, there is yet another bug in scrollkeeper, where the
--localstatedir and --pkglocalstatedir parameters to scrollkeeper-config
return slightly inconsistent pieces of information.  Ideally, we would
like to make $(scrollkeeper_localstate_dir) be the equivalent of
`scrollkeeper-config --localstatedir`/scrollkeeper in the default case,
but this is not possible (there is '/lib' missing from the path then).

The first problem needs to be investigated further, the second problem
is fixable, but again, it will rely on a scrollkeeper release to filter
through the ranks.


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