Re: PATCH: gnome-docu/gdp/gdp-example2/omf.make

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 04:32:26PM +0000, MArk Finlay wrote:
> The file gnome-docu/gdp/gdp-example2/omf.make is used to register new
> documentation with scrollkeeper. It doesnt seem to work for me because
> scrollkeeper is being fed the wrong directories and so the new
> components dont get registered.
> The attached patch makes it work by letting scrollkeeper autodetect it's
> config dirs.
> If you want to e-mail me, do so off-list as i am not on any of the docs
> lists.

Unfortunately, this patch is not completely correct. We need to find a
way of determining where the scrollkeeper database is and pass the right
value to the scrollkeeper-update commands. If you just drop the '-p ...'
option to scrollkeeper-update, then it will break for any sandboxed
builds (e.g. building rpms) and may accidently update the default

The solution I am playing with at the moment is to work the correct
value out as part of


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