Re: docs on the web (response to John Fleck)

John Fleck said: 
> Pat - 
> Jeff Waugh had a plan in the works to make all of our user documentation
> available on the web site. I'll poke him (poke, poke) to see where that
> stands and see what help he needs from us to make it happen (poke,
> poke).
> Cheers,
> John

Now, I might be wrong on this point, but at the original breakout session in 
Sevilla last April, where Jeff floated this notion, I thought that he was 
talking about GNOME-project-related documents only, such as the HIG, GDSG, 
GHWSD, and other such manuals. In other words, non-user manuals that are of 
interested to the GNOME alumni in doing their work. 


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