Re: Did I miss something? (gnome2-user-guide)

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Sander Vesik wrote:

> > I would like you to revert the changes in gnome-user-docs until there is a 
> > scrollkeeper that supports them. I understand you wanting to get the 
> > changes done before 2.0.1's freeze but there doesn't seem a point in 
> > changing things if we dont have a scrollkeeper to actually implement them.
> > As to point 2 the suggested changes you have proposed seem fine to me.
> > 
> I think reverting would be very pointless - if things don't come together
> in time, we can very easily barnch the module as gnome-2-0 for the gnome
> 2.0.x stream and continue with radical devleopment and improvements on

OK. I think I understand that you wish to preserve the changes. I propose 
an alternative that may be a better solution (at least for me). First we 
tag current CVS with gnome-omf-branch, then create a branch from that. 
This branch would preserve the OMF changes made. I then revert the OMF 
file changes in HEAD, tag it GNOME-USER-DOCS-2-0-0 and do a release based 
on that. I then merge in the gnome-omf-branch at a future time when a 
version of scrollkeeper is released that supports the changes. This would 
allow us to continue using HEAD while preserving the changes to the OMF 
format that Eugene has proposed.


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