Re: Shortened titles in OMFs and Yelp

FYI - I will update the OMF files for the following manuals and submit
to CVS:

* Clock Applet
* Geyes Applet
* Inbox Monitor Applet
* Volume Control Applet
* Fish Applet
* CD Player Applet
* Character Palette Applet
* Command Line Applet
* Stock Ticker Applet
* Weather Report Applet
* Window List Applet
* Workspace Switcher Applet
* Calculator
* Gedit
* Perfomance Meter
* Sound Recorder
* System Details
* CD Player (application)
* Character Map
* Dictionary
* Eye of GNOME
* GHex
* GNOME Ghostview
* Process Manager
* Print Manager
* System Log
* Terminal
* SearchTool


Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> Some of the document titles are quite long, and this looks quite odd in Yelp.
> For example, in the Applications category, there is a GNOME Calculator Manual
> V2.0 document. Pat Costello, John F and Dan devised a way of using short titles
> in the OMF to prevent the appearance of long wrapped-around manual titles, as
> follows:
> * Truncate the text in the <title> tags down to only the application name.
> * Record the real title in <comment> tags just before the <title> tags, so that
> the real title does not get lost.
> For example:
>    <comment>
>      GNOME Calculator Manual V2.0
>    </comment>
>    <title>
>      Calculator
>    </title>
> Again, it would be great to get the short titles implemented for 2.0.1. Perhaps
> you can update the title information when you are updating the category
> information. If you cannot do that by Wednesday 17 July, let me know and I will
> try to make the change for you. I will need to know the CVS location of your
> OMF.
> Thank you!
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