Re: Announcing omfgen 0.0

On Thu, 2002-01-24 at 21:00, John Fleck wrote:
> This looks like a nice start. I'm not good enough with Makefile's to
> comment on that part, but the omf-building looks like it could be
> useful.
Thanks John!  I appreciate the kind comments.  Especially considering
this is my first useful application :)  The Makefile stuff is mostly
good, but it's slightly insufficient.  Right now, this is what is on my
TODO for that:

* Create a directory tree and have go into ./omf-install
* Add omf-install/ as a subdirectory to to the already exisitng
* Do some slight parsing and editing of sgmldocs.make

> Question - you're defaulting to "text/html" and "index.html" for the
> doc to be installed. Could you add xml and/or sgml with arbitrary file
> name?
Of course.  This is an issue which I knew would come up.  As you can
see, I am currently using hard coded argument settings.  In the
HOPEFULLY not to distant future, I am going to setup some parsing
features.  ALL possible options will be able to be edited there.  This
is how I see it in the future:

omfgen -m xml -t Title of Application -e application_executable

Is this what you're looking for?

Wow, I kinda dig talking about my code improvements and where I know it
lacks.  It makes me feel all 31337!


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