Re: CSS for Help Docs

Nicholas Curran wrote:

> However, it does seem someone from usability wrote in:

Well, I was writing from more of an accessibility than a usability
perspective on this occasion-- the two are closely related, but I'd
probably be expelled from the Usability Union if I couldn't manage more
of an assessment than "it looks nice"  :)

> Calum Benson (Usability Engineer) wrote:
> > It looks nice, but there probably needs to be a way of turning off the
> > coloured backgrounds for those users with certain vision deficiencies
> If you (Calum) believe that they are not light enough now, I can easily
> add a stylesheet that simply removes the colours from the original, that
> Yelp could use on top of the normal CSS.

That might be a good start, although unfortunately it only solves the
problem for people who need high contrast, not those who need low
contrast  :/

Any thoughts on the best solution here Bill?  (Not sure if you're on the
docs list or not, so just to bring you up to speed, we're talking about
default stylesheets for 2.0 online docs-- and Nicholas' proposal, which
we're discussing here, is at


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