Request for documentation writers on GnuCash project

The GnuCash project is currently working towards the release of a new
version 1.8.0 on Jan 5th 2003. We are approaching feature freeze and
would like to request anyone interested in helping to write the
documentation to email either myself (docs maintainer) or the
gnucash-devel gnucash org list.

The current documentation has undergone a major revision which discarded
90% of the old documentation. Much has been done so far to get the
documentation ready for this release but a lot of work still needs to be
done. We decided to separate the new documentation from the main gnucash
cvs module into its own module gnucash-docs in order that people not
wishing to download the documentation would not need to. This reduced
the current gnucash download from 15MB to 5MB.

The new documentation is further divided into a set of 'help'
documentation specifically geared to explaining how to do tasks in
GnuCash and a 'Tutorial and Concepts Guide' which is focused on taking
the user through a tutorial explaining the main concepts behind GnuCash.

The aim for the new documentation is for it to comply with the GNOME
Documentation Style guide at and the GNOME
Handbook of Writing Software Documentation at

I would like to ask also that anyone who would like to contribute by
reviewing the documentation please contact me as well.

Chris Lyttle
GnuCash Documentation Team
RedHat Certified Engineer #807302549405490.
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