Re: Standard docbook recipe

On 31 Dec 2000 15:40:58 -0600, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> John Kodis <kodis gsfc nasa gov> writes:
> > Is there a recommended "recipe" for generating .html from
> > docbook .sgml files?  The techniques that I've found in use either
> > require several lines of text for each html file that gets
> > generated, or they fire up multiple db2html instances when run under
> > "make -j".  
> I have cooked up a fairly decent set of's under
> evolution/doc/devel/*.  They only rebuild the documentation when the
> source files change and in general it seems that they do the right
> thing.
> Can anyone confirm this?  If it is actually doing the right thing, we
> may want to create templates out of them and put them in the gtk-doc
> documentation.

They may be decent, but --enable-gtk-doc=no (and variants) -still-
doesn't work properly.  :-(  I took a stab at fixing that, but I
couldn't make it work.  Anybody else want to try?


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