Re: Concerning about gnome-users-guide

Hi Christopher,

[I hope you don't mind I'm cc'ing gnome-doc-list since this issue is of
general interest and is likely to come up again in the future.]

On 11 Apr 2001, Christopher R. Gabriel wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> the 1.4 gnome users guide is a nice document, but I've a doubt about
> it. The users guide include the nautilus user guide as-is as it comes
> from the nautilus package. The Nautilus users guide provides a section
> about the eazel services. Now, I think that would be bettere to have a
> separate document for the eazel services, available from the nautilus
> help menu, instead of having it inside the whole gnome users guide,
> since the gnome users guide it's a gnome-related document and, in my
> point of view, must not include commercial stuff/advertising.
> So, I suggests to have the eazel services doc removed from the
> gnome-users-guide, providing it as a separate document from the
> nautilus help menu or whatever.
> Comments?

I completely agree.  The GNOME User's Guide should just describe the core
of GNOME itself.  The Eazel services are not a core part of GNOME.

Chris - could you comment out / remove the section of the User Guide that
describes Eazel Services?  It is:
	GNOME User's Guide -> Nautilus User Manual -> Eazel Services



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