Re: Status Update

* John Fleck (jfleck inkstain net) wrote at 23:41 on 13/09/00:
> On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 12:46:36AM -0200, Ali Abdin wrote:
> > 
> > So after several hours of hacking, books now work just like article. We
> > currently display the /entire/ chapter (like sect1's). Remember, now you only
> > get links to the 'top-level' item (if its a book the top-level item is
> > chapter, if it is an article the top-level item is a sect).
> > 
> My preference would be that the table of contents render both
> <chapters> and  the <sect1s> inside the chapter as links. I 
> think that would make navigation easier. That's possible,
> isn't it Ali?

Possible - but I don't like it for the same reason we don't have sect2 tags as
links in article's. (the next/prev 'fiasco')

Here is my proposal :) For sect2/sect3/sect4/sect5 tags we use the URI
'gnome-db2html2 file.sgml?sect1id#sect2id' - Currently we output anchor tags
whenever we find a sect2/sect3/sect4/sect5 tag - so we just need to modify the
behavior when we find a sect2 within a sect1 (same for sect1 inside a

I am not going to work on this until links work with mozilla (otherwise I can
not test it). There might be possible 'issues' with mozilla, or
that I would need to handle.


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