Intermediate to Advanced Gnome Programming Book

Hi there!

(hope I'm not interupting)

My name is Daniel Solin, and I'm a technical writer for Sam's Publishing. I
am just about to start a Gnome programming title, leaning towards the more
advanced parts of Gnome program development. It's supposed to be a 800+
pages book, and the development title is "Developing Gnome Applications".

So, the reason why I contacted you (whoever you are :) ), is that I was
hoping that someone in the Gnome team could take a look at a Gnome library
overview that I made, and make a sanity check. Maybe there's library
development going on that isn't mentioned in the Gnome docs? My goal is to
cover all the Gnome libraries, including the smaller ones.

Well, if anyone with this knowledge have some time left, I would highly
appreciate it. However, I don't want to sound demanding, and I totally
understand if you have more important things to do!

Daniel Solin

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