To make any attempt at a Users Guide for the April GNOME release I
will need everyone to either send me or point me to the latest docs
you have written (sgml of course). I will take those docs and 'glue'
them into a Users Guide by the beginning of the week. That way we can
have a users guide rpm and web/print ready for the April GNOME

This is going to be the last GNOME Users Guide of its kind - next
stop, GNOME book (bittersweet isnt it) - we need to get this out of
the way with all its flaws, ignore the flames about it and make sure
GNOME 2.0 is where we keep our heads.

Let me know if there are any problems with getting me your latest docs
by the end of the weekend. If you are unsure about whether your docs
go in there look at it this way... if its in there now and you have a
new version... send it. If its an applet doc - send it to Telsa and
she can send me all of them. If its something new to the UG and we
have discussed its inclusion - send it, if we have not discussed it -
send it and a note about it.



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