Re: tags for protocols - examples

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 08:26:12AM -0800 or thereabouts, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> I know even less about DocBook than Telsa, so I'll stick to "technical"
> issues.  Just a couple of them below.

Wow, thanks.

> > o NFS is a filename, a protocol, a service, possibly a trademark, and
> > more.
> I think "filesystem" and not "filename", since filename is a little too
> generic.  I thought that there was some markup for filenames, such as in
> examples of things to type, etc.  Maybe not...

There's <filename>, which can be <filename class=directory>,
<filename class=symlink> and so on. But I don't think it's really
too helpful for NFS, cos it doesn't describe whatever it is that makes 
NFS special, just where it lives. Another example of this was the gtop 
docs, where although I was referring to the /tmpfs filesystem, I think 
I had to use <filename> for where it was found, and nothing for when 
referring to it as a special sort of filesystem.

> > o UDP and TCP/IP are protocols (and yes, "TCP" is deliberate in the
> > text, as that's what the realaudio preferences have).
> TCP/IP is a suite of protocols.  User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is part of
[more corrections]

I knew all that. Yeah, sure I did. Um. :) More seriously, thanks. 

> internet traffic, so we need not worry about the others.  I won't bore you
> with details, but I think that we do need some sort of markup for protocols.
> Part of me wants to CC this to the docbook list and see if Norm has any
> thoughts, but maybe we'll get a few more ideas out here first.

I was very tempted to do that myself, but didn't for the same reason
you didn't, apparently. Are there more system/protocol/(suites) and
so on that people have come across? Wonder what FreeBSD do about this.
They have a bunch of extensions but I don't see anything in their
"getting started" guide that exactly covers this one. 

> of marking up some applications.  This may require customization of the DTD,
> and as such, customization of the stylesheets.  DocBook gurus, have at it!

Well, I am now reassured that I didn't just miss some obvious tag :)
Thanks a lot, Greg. 

So far we have:
	(a) entities and postpone the decision
	(b) <phrase role="protocol">
	(c) <acronym>
	(d) <systemitem class="resource">
        (e) customise GNOME's DocBook DTD further (argh, just when we
    were about to be using a standard one!)
	(f) a RFE to the Docbook folks. 

Unlike someone - Karl? - I do think these are things worth marking up.
I'd go for (d) and (f) together, I think.

Thanks a lot for the answers. 

Telsa (who promises this is the last post for a bit!)

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