New GNOME Book

Hi Everybody,

I just finished a user-level book called Sams Teach Yourself GNOME in 24
Hours. It's due to be published in May.

I've gotten permission from the publisher to post some chapters for free
on the Web, so I was hoping to either set up a link from the GNOME web
site or the GDP web site, or else post chapters directly from the GNOME
Doc list, whatever works best. I'm not sure how many I'll be able to get
away with; ideally I would like to post the entire book, but I don't
know what I can do yet.

Since I'm now finished with the book part, I'll also be able to
contribute more directly to the GDP. Some of you might know me from the
sparse posts I've made to gnome-list, or from my flaky promises to help
out with the GDP, but now I really, really mean it! I'll turn some stuff


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