Re: glossary

> Well, just to contribute to part of a thread that's going nowhere...  I've
> found that reading the output from 'rpm -qa' (list all software installed
> my system) yields a bunch of packages I know nothing about.  The ones that
> I've never heard of, I go find in /usr/doc.  I think I've learned what
> 95% of the packages I have installed do that way.  The rest I just
> and see what it breaks.  :-)
> As for the glossary, I think that it would be nice to have (note nothing
> more than that, since I'm not volunteering here) would be a sort of
> thesaurus, something that would point you to IP-MASQ when you look up NAT,
> etc.
> Greg

I just joined the list - so forgive me if this has been awnsered. But how do
you plan on organizing the help stuff based on 'topic'.I do not think we
should manually put man/info/sgml files in under different topics (that
would be a lot of work and what about new apps?)

So lets envision this scenario
Somebody creates a brand new PPP dial-up utility and creates his SGML file
and it gets installed. How would the 'glossary' learn that it should go
under the 'networking' sub-group?

It would be hard to ask all apps to install a file somewhere telling under
what Glosarry item it falls under.

There needs to be an 'intelligent' way to sort items into categories -
Unfortunately, I am not smart enough to see how? Does anybody else?

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