Re: Indexing

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 01:41:22PM -0500 or thereabouts, Dan Mueth wrote:
> Does anybody have expertise in the indexing field?  There was an OSWG
> person at GUADEC who had some expertise in indexing (and felt it was not a
> trivial thing to do) - does anybody recall what his name was?  It would be

The guy who demonstrated how you could have too many links and thus
end up to-and-fro'ing between document and glossary on his laptop?

That was another Dan: Daniel Barlow, GCC-HOWTO writer. 

Or do you mean someone else? I don't really remember who was there 
when we got onto the subject of indexing. Did Chuck Toparek from 
O'Reilly have some comments on it, too?

> really helpful if somebody with some experience here could give us some
> pointers on the best way to index a document.  We will probably want to
> put some guidelines on indexing in the Handbook.

Suggestion: stick up a "We are looking for resources -- and ideally
people -- that can tell us about indexing" note on the 
site, or email the mailing lists there. It might work :)


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