Possible answer to the screenshots thing.

Dave said:
> If we decide on some plain black Window Maker theme - we can use many
> more wms to take a shot with. This is something to think about as it
> allows each of us (docs people) to use what we like and not have to
> change or start a different X. [snip]
> So - lets think about the gtk theme - the wm theme and come to a
> consensus sometime soon!

How about a virtue out of necessity?

At the bottom of each help doc, something saying:

Screenshots taken with: (app)
Window manager: (window manager)
GTK theme: (theme name, any notes, like if you changed the font)
OS: (OS it came from)

Obviously, this isn't a licence for us all to come up with fancy 
"look, mine's cutest!" (cos naturally I'd win :)) Just a way to
come up with a consistent way of explaining things that lets people
use the one they're most familiar with. 

Using all of those (including the OS, which is actually relevant
sometimes, too) also means the point is made about the variety of
things you can have.

I'd still stick with plain ones that focus on or emphasise the contents
of the window, but I think most people would :)


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