Re: Translation question.

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Marcelo Picorelli wrote:
> Hi list, sorry to post this question here; I know it belongs to i18n,
> but I have already posted there and I still have no answer, to make it
> short: what do I have to do when finishing (or almost) finishing a
> translation?

(There are some docs in the works about this stuff, and you can find it in
.sgml form at the gdp doctable .. it is near the bottom and maintained by

1. Fill in all the headers at the top of the file:

 When you write dates, make it look like this:

   2000-02-10 13:05-0600

 And the character set:

   Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1

2. Validate the .po file.

 msgfmt --statistics -c -v -o /dev/null <language>.po

 (fuzzy means that you need to verify that the translation
  is correct, or write a correct one in its place)

3. Add your language to the ALL_LINGUAS variable in the configure

4. ./configure
   make install
   (do more translation if you're not happy).

5. Send the <language>.po translation to the program author.

Maintenance of .po files is done using the msgmerge command, no docs on
this command is available so here is an example:

0.  cp no.po ~/backup/no150200.po

1.  msgmerge no.po application.pot >no2.po
    mv no2.po no.po

2.  Check all the fuzzy entries, and remove fuzzy mark.
    Translate all untranslated entires.

3. Check things by running the program. When things are not translated
   it might be the programmers fault, so don't struggle too hard beyond
   checking against the generated .pot file.

4. Send the .po to the developer, and report any problems you encountered.

Go to #docs if you get stuck :-)

Have fun !

Tov Are Jacobsen

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