Re: GDP Weekly Summary

>From: Dan Mueth <>
> > Is there any interest in pushing this up to LWN to troll for a bit
> > more community involvment?  I'd be happy to send it up to them if
> > people are interested.
>I would say "no".  Drake and I discussed this on #docs yesterday, so let
>me explain my opinion:
>Drake's quasi-daily summaries of #docs (renamed to "Drake's #docs
>Dialogue") are to fill everybody who isn't on #docs most of the hours in
>the day in on what is going on.  Seeing as so much is happening with the
>GDP lately, and all of it is on #docs, it is impossible for GDP members to
>keep up with what is going on unless they are on #docs all the time. With
>DDD, GDP members can keep up with what is going on even if they can't
>spend all day on IRC.

I agree that the daily summary is a not the right thing to move into a 
public forum like lwn ... I was thinking more of the LDP weekly summary 

>I think this is a great service Drake is providing, but an internal one.
>This is not intended for a wider audience.  At some point, the GDP will
>want to make an external news column, similar to "The GNOME Icon Status
>Report" which we can use to advertise ourselves to the wider community,
>recruite people, and communicate things to developers.

I guess this is what I am driving at for the weekly summary.  I see
it tying together Drake's #Doc summary, the gnome-docs mailing list, and 
special reports of things like the GUADEC meeting.

>On a related note, I think the new GDP web page may want to have a "news"
>section on it, which may contain the DDD, something like  "GDP Status
>Reports", and other general announcements.

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