Re: GDP Weekly Summary

>I have to be honest - when we first started talking about having
>"reports from the GDP" I had more of a GNOME Summary thing in mind -
>the daily one is really too much in my opinion.

I really don't have the time (or the full-time connection) to hang out on 
#docs and keep up to date, so I see a daily summary as being helpful.  
Perhaps it would be less intrusive on a special 'read-only' mailing list, or 
as a web based archive.

[a bunch ellided]
>I think a weekly update would be a great thing to do - it gives us
>time to get some more resolution to ideas and problems while it doesn't
>overload people's mail.

A weekly summary would be a great mechanism for keeping not just ourselves, 
but also the outside world up to date with our status, goals, and 


>Just my opinion on it - anyone else care to add to or debate against?
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