Re: GDP Editors

> Perhaps we should create a GDP Editorial Team.  As Sasha and Gregory
> pointed out, it will be hard to find editors if we require that each
> editor is an expert at everything.  Having a small team of people, you
> could imagine having a DocBook expert who edits for DocBook markup and
> document layout (sasha?) and another editor who would focus on document
> content, grammer, and language (Greg?).  It is probably a good idea to
> have two people look over each finished document anyway since there is so
> much that an editor has to do for each document.  Presumably the Editorial
> Team would produce some internal guidelines and/or add content to the
> Handbook as necessary.  Having an official Editorial Team would also be a
> safeguard against the editor getting overworked or editor roll-over (which
> happens after he/she gets overworked).

I'm all for having a gnome editorial team.  However, I'd like to see it
in a form similar to the UI hitlist, as I think that that is a good
format for this.  In addition, it'd be extremely cool if they didn't
limit their scope to the docbook code, but looked at the text in the
actual applications.  Most developers aren't grammar experts, and can get
very creative when writing error messages/dialogs/labels etc, and many
apps could use a once over.


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