RE: GDP Editors

> > The idea is good - the problem is finding these people. Any
> > volunteers?  I could do some of the work, but not on style and grammar
> > (I wish someone could help *me* with that!)
> I will certainly be willing to do style and grammar editing if somebody can
> help me to create guidelines.  I'm not sure that I'm qualified to comment on
> the DocBook markup.  I read the GDP handbook, but where else should I look
> to get GNOME text?  What I need are some more documents to base ideas about
> style on.  I'll grab the Users Guide, but are there other handbooks or
> guides from GNOME?

Perhaps we should create a GDP Editorial Team.  As Sasha and Gregory
pointed out, it will be hard to find editors if we require that each
editor is an expert at everything.  Having a small team of people, you
could imagine having a DocBook expert who edits for DocBook markup and
document layout (sasha?) and another editor who would focus on document
content, grammer, and language (Greg?).  It is probably a good idea to
have two people look over each finished document anyway since there is so
much that an editor has to do for each document.  Presumably the Editorial
Team would produce some internal guidelines and/or add content to the
Handbook as necessary.  Having an official Editorial Team would also be a
safeguard against the editor getting overworked or editor roll-over (which
happens after he/she gets overworked).


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