Random updates.

Okay. For reasons beyond my ken, Netscape is refusing to allow me
to login to the doctable to add things. It occurred to me to try
Lynx tonight, and that worked (I'm not used to Lynx and cookies:
it seems... wrong, somehow :)).

Things wot I changed:

Basically, everything I have been messing with.

I sent the gtop docs off to Martin Baulig ages ago. He was going
to add three paragraphs I got stuck on and then add them into gtop.
I think he did the first; dunno about the second. So I added that
into the table. (I think gtop should be in 'core apps', btw, not 
'additional', but I couldn't see how to change that.)

I sent similarly almost-done-minus-three-FIXMEs stuff to Tom Gilbert
for screenshooter, an applet that I added to the doctable. I have
put the version number as the version number for the screenshooter
program: should it have been for the gnome-applets package? Feel free
to correct.

Since then, we agreed a standard structure for applet documentation,
so I need to send him some changes, I think. (Just the 'bookname' to
gnome-applets and check I haven't called some section "index" instead
of "screenshooter-index" or something). He's already filled in the
FIXMEs and added it to CVS, but I don't think he's linked it into 
the app.

There isn't actually a 'documentation done and sent to app author
but not yet packaged into app' icon that I could see. Or is there?
I just, ahem, 'used my initiative'. I think I picked 'done' or

I've also sent a first draft of docs about gLife to Ali Abdin
(gLife lives on glife.sourceforge.tld-I-forget :) ) and so I added
that into the doctable, too.

I think some of the games listed as having no help or documentation
do have some, but I was tired by then, so I stopped. :)

I cannot imagine why netscape refuses to let me login, but that's
why I haven't been using the doctable recently. But I shall now. I


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