Re: Table Issue

* Ali Abdin ( wrote at 03:52 on 11/08/00:
> I discovered a slight issue with the SAX parser in libxml with respect to
> tables.
> In kernel-locking.sgml I found the following:
>        <row>
>         <entry>read very_important_count (5)</entry>
>         <entry></entry>
>        </row>
> Note the empty <entry> tags. Currently this causes empty <TD> (or TH) tags in
> gnome-db2html2 with no characters in between - e.g: <TD></TD>
> I tried this with db2html and for those empty tags it inserts '&nbsp;' - this
> gives it a much better look when rendering.
> The problem is because there are no characters in between the <entry> tag the
> charactersSAXFunc never gets called so I can not print out a &nbsp;
> What you will need to do instead is:
> <entry>&nbsp;</entry> 
> This will make it look much better (based on my tests). 
> You might also be able to do an <entry> </entry> but I do not recommend it
> (i.e. this feature is not in yet and I might forget to put it in).
> I'll update the ASSUMPTIONS file.

Well - you should ignore this assumption. DV 'convinced' me that it is
basically my responsibility to handle it. 

I consider it to be a 'crude hack' - but DV convinced me that it was better
to keep the XML source files 'clean' (from the evil HTML hack corruption). 

Its on my TODO list so I'll do it 'when I have time' :)


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